How to deal with issues in Generation Zero PC

It is easy to download Generation Zero full version and enjoy your favorite game your way! However, you will soon get some troubles. Don’t worry! We will show you the method that the developer offers so that you or any player will be able to work around bugs.

Indeed, Generation Zero PC is a mess and it is a shame. Now, you have a few tips with tricks that you can use to improve your experience easier when you engage in your adventure.

How to switch on or off the flashlight in Generation Zero PC

The team of Generation Zero update entirely skipped the tooltip which would give out the explanation about that device and their users had to head through 4 pitch-black bunkers with 10 emergency flares to light up the path. But, every problem related to the illumination will be removed quickly if you pick up the flashlight in a house in Yttervik. To turn it on or off, you will choose the right stick or press F on PC. It is a good strategy to save limited flares.

Have a weapon with no ammunition in Generation Zero action game

If you own a gun without ammo while you are playing Generation Zero PS4, what will you do next? For some reasons, getting that resource in the inventory is not enough. It is essential to attach the ammo to the armament. It is completely unnatural. In case you have collected a gun with nothing to shoot, you can open the inventory and highlight the ammo to see if it can go with your weapon before you are allowed to fire.

Beachhead quest area and clues in Generation Zero game

In the first stage of Generation Zero Xbox One, you may want to look for and gather containers on the shoreline close by the Iboholmen Castle. You can move to the southeast of the building then.

It Is Not Difficult To Reach The Goal Zone In Generation Zero PC! lazyload
It Is Not Difficult To Reach The Goal Zone In Generation Zero PC!

Actually, it is straightforward to approach the location you have already aimed at. Nevertheless, you are recommended to draw up a plan for an intense battle against competitors. After that, you will find 2 hints which are useful to fulfill the following challenge.

  • A machine blueprint on the inside door of a red container
  • A prompt in Generation Zero PC will appear to indicate the containers’ shipping numbers if you roam to the object at the endpoint. You will catch sight of an indicator if you come near enough. Here, you can have a look at the white writing on the corner of the item.

You may have to walk up and down the place many times before you search for the latter sign. Therefore, it’s best to keep patient!

Any quest with ‘defeat remaining machines” of Generation Zero PC

After you download Generation Zero full version, you can encounter plenty of World missions that require you to conquer machines scattered across the region. One of them will stay next to a lighthouse in the northwest of the playfield. It is broken similar to “Track Another Castle” although you try to make the foes pop up by logging in as a second participant and return to the main character afterward.

The trick did not influence on other territories. So, you can hesitate when you do not know whether if it is worth to shoot a bullet or not.

Currently, it is available to enjoy Generation Zero PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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